Rough Planning

Galaxy Planning + Marking

Water Jet

Perfect and multi planning can be done as information such as size of inclusion, position and number of inclusion of a diamond is determined through 3D Video Image. Thus marking and planning can be done as per market trends, which ultimately leads to make decision and get fair idea of return on investment in rough diamond.

SARIN Planning

Water Jet

It is a pre- processing (Open Window) procedure done on rough diamond, where planning can be done with help of image from all sides. Major limitations in manual planning can be avoided with the help of SARIN planning machine, which helps our customer to get maximum returns on their investment.

    Green Laser Sawing

    Water Jet

    Smooth cutting surface is obtained. There are least chances of breakage in diamond even with high tension in rough diamond. Double-side Sawing (DSS) is done with lowest weight loss.