Inclusion Scanning

Galaxy Scanning

Water Jet

It helps to avail accurate information of diamond regarding its size of inclusion, number of inclusion and its position of inclusion through 3D video image. Rough cavity mapping and inclusion scanning system by galaxy specifically designed to suggest the most profitable planning option in value recovery.

Galaxy Ultra

Water Jet

Better than the normal scanning of rough diamond executed by the standard Galaxy systems. Galaxy Ultra allows the detection of inclusions with single-micron resolution, including the detection of clouds of inclusions of single micron size. Thus Users will be able to inspect seemingly , clean areas of rough diamonds with extra-high accuracy and determine with a higher level of confidence whether they can achieve an internally flawless (IF) clarity grade.
1)It gives accurate information of purity in diamond.
2)It helps to take perfect and multi planning on Rough diamond.
3)It helps to get maximum output.

    Galaxy Meteor

    Water Jet

    The Meteor is specially designed for the small stone segment of rough diamonds sized 0.25 to 0.89 carat.The Meteor system is based on 3D laser scanning to provide an accurate 3D model of the rough stone,including internal inclusions down to VS type,and external surface flaws.For manufacturers of smaller polished diamonds,Meteor provides a comprehensive approach to stone management,delivering a fast,cost-efficient solution that enables maximal utilization of the rough stone.